Hi! I'm Aran Koning. I make games.
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The Grand Reveal
The Grand Reveal of the Mysterious Cake Murder Mystery. A murder mystery about cake.

driver's license
driver's license is a game about a super buff guy that has stranded on an island due to a freak car accident.

The Aardvark and the Manatee
The Aardvark and the Manatee is a game I made with Liselore Goedhart for Ludum Dare #31. It's about an aardvark. And a manatee.

BEAK BEAK is an alternative controller game about being a chicken. You use a beak to peck at a keyboard.

CRICKETS is a horror game that I made for 7DFPS. It was the first Unity game that I made completely by myself.

please be nice :(
please be nice :( is a game where the players come up with the features.